How to Add Email to a Mobile Device


The Outlook Mobile Client is the approved and supported mobile device application for Alvernia University email.

The Outlook Mobile Client can be download from your application store.

Mobile setup instructions from Microsoft for each operating system should be followed.

If you are prompted to enter a server it is:

Click Here for Helpful Tips for the Outlook Mobile App

Important NOTES:

Prior to using Alvernia's Office 365 for Email, if Outlook is already installed on the mobile device it is recommended to remove the app, reboot the device and download it again from the app store.

It is extremely important you do not skip the reboot after removal, especially in Apple devices.

It’s been found to be easier and cleaner to remove and reinstall the app. While you may be tempted to remove an existing mail account and recreate it, exact behavior for the many mobile device models and their operating system versions cannot be efficiently documented and communicated.

Attached files: Mobile Devices v1.pdf

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