How Do I Upload Files To My OneDrive?

OneDrive is your Alvernia cloud storage area so you can access your files from any device.

You can upload files from a network drive to OneDrive for anywhere access.

From any web browser:

  • Go to
  • Click LOGINS from the bottom menu choices
  • Click Login under Email – Office 365 for Email


  • Log in with your Alvernia network


John Smith, ID number 000123456 logs on with

  •  Click the OneDrive application





Use the New button to create folders for your files or upload entire folders from your local computer.


Upload Files

You can upload files to OneDrive by drag and drop or via the “Upload” button in OneDrive.


From a Windows computer:

  • Open Windows File Explorer



If you do not see your OneDrive in File Explorer click HERE


  • Navigate to any files you want to move to OneDrive
    • Example: personal files in U: drive or shared files in S: or T: drive


  • Drag and drop them to the OneDrive window in your browser or use the “Upload” button in OneDrive


Upload Folders

To upload entire folders use the Google Chrome browser.

  • Choose Upload, Folder


  • Browse to a folder on your local computer, click to select it and choose OK


  • Your folder will be uploaded




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